Born in Barcelona, Spain. Ramón Balcázar grew up around the creative process of filmmakers. He sometimes played as a child on the sets of Filmax, a production company run by his father and uncles that was best known for the Spaghetti Westerns it produced in the 1960s. Music, has been at the center of his life since early childhood when his mother played him records of her favorite composers, Beethoven and Brahms. He loved the classics, but also loved listening to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and all of the popular bands of the era.

Ramon studied conducting and composition at the University of Barcelona while simultaneously touring Europe as a pianist/arranger with several Spanish recording artists.

He then worked as a staff composer at Carbonell Sound, a major Spanish recording studio, where he created music for many television commercials.

After scoring his first feature film in Spain, Ramon relocated to Los Angeles.

Ramon’s passion for music lead him to study film scoring at UCLA, where he received the BMI Scholarship Award. His first jobs were composing for music libraries. After that he scored SECRETS OF WAR (SWORN TO SECRECY.). The success of the first 13 episode-season led to a 68-episode run. The producer of the series, John Corry, said of Ramón, “His music gives our series a huge emotional impact that results in a much more compelling viewing experience.”

Ramón went on to provide musical score to documentary series, mini-series and single programs for the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic Channel. Some of his works include; THE COLOR OF WAR, I SURVIVED, THE ENFORCERS, BATTLEGROUND: THE ART OF WAR, and many more, totaling more than 100 hours.

In early 2006, Ramón scored Terri Farley’s film BEAUTIFUL DREAMER, a romantic drama set during World War II. During an interview, Farley praised Ramón’s work “…his music slipped in like a glove, and it made poetry out of the human condition, made a statement about people and who they are, and made everything so beautiful”.

Ramon's recent works include; FORKS OVER KNIVES, the documentary responsible for turning James Cameron (and Ramon) vegan, TATOO NATION, ROBOTROPOLIS, and the animated children movie, Lionsgate's WINGS, featuring Josh Duhamel and Hilary Duff. Currently Ramon is composing the score for PLANT PURE NATION.